Community Team Challenge

The Good Life Race Community Team Challenge is a friendly competition for both the women’s and men’s’ 5k races. The challenge is open to groups of employees (and their families) from organizations within the business and public sectors. At the time of race registration, participants must register as part of a company. After the races, awards are presented for top team performances.

Participating companies can use the event as a platform to promote health and fitness in the workplace, foster goodwill and camaraderie among their employees, and show their commitment to the community and best environmental practices.

We strongly recommend that a Company Captain be designated to lead the company entered; who recruits participants, enters and manages their team. You can have as many race entrants as you like, the top 4 in either the men’s or women’s race will be counted towards award totals.

Eligibility Rules

  • The Good Life Race Community Challenge is open to teams of employees from small and large businesses, and financial institutions. Company and employee eligibility determinations shall be made exclusively by Oak Park Runners Club (Race Owner) and/or its authorized representative. All decisions shall be final. Verification of eligibility must be provided upon request.
  • Teams may consist of employees and their immediate family members (spouses, children, parents, and siblings) are eligible to compete for a company/corporation.
  • Employees must be actively employed, working a minimum of 20 hours a week for at least three months prior to race day for the company they are representing. Temporary employees, employees on leave, interns and sub-contractors are not eligible, if not related to a current employee as defined above.
  • Participants must be at least 18 years of age as of the race date.
  • Each participant must register online in order to be officially entered and eligible to run. Participants certify that they are medically fit to run and fulfill the previously listed employment requirements.
  • Companies must register a minimum of four participants to be eligible for team awards. A team can consist of: a male team of four men - OR - a female team of four women - OR - a mixed team of two men and two women to participate in the Community Challenge. Incomplete teams and individual entries will not be accepted for tallies for this competition.
  • Company teams representing fitness outlets and/or retail stores that predominantly feature running shoes and apparel may participate but are not eligible for overall team awards.

Scoring Rules

  • Participants must wear the race-provided bib with timing chip to be scored. Scores will be based on the time elapsed (chip time) between crossing the start/finish timing mats.
  • The top four male and/or female finishers will be the first four eligible runners of each sex to cross the finish line. Each team member will earn points based on their age group placement, i.e. if a team member finishes 15th in their age group, they earn fifteen points for their team. Each team will accumulate a score based on their best age group placements. The lowest score wins.
  • Ties between two or more teams shall be resolved by determining which team wins the most one-on-one matchups among their four scoring members, comparing first to first, second to second, and so on.