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You can download photos and videos for FREE thanks to our great photographers. Please visit their websites for you photography needs.

Photos from Clearly Clement Photography available now!
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Finish line footage (via Drones) from Krumrey Photography

If you would like a still photograph from the drone movie, Krumrey Photography can email you the still in high resolution or provide a link. Since its ultra high resolution, they can produce a high quality image, centering on the runner(s).

If you would like a clip of one of the videos, provide the beginning and ending time stamp and the race description. Krumrey Photography Will send you an HD video file.

The cost -- You pick the donation, we suggest at least $10, donated to our charity the Collaboration For Early Childhood. Just send the receipt for any amount to Krumrey Photography with your request.

Questions? e-mail:

(please note we do not guarantee race photos of all participants)